Privacy Policy

Our company respects the right about privacy and is striving for maintenance of the accuracy and the confidentiality of the information about the visitor who kept.
The information about the visitor collected by this website observes this based on the following views.

The purpose of collecting information

In order to advance dealings with the visitor safely certainly and to be allowed to provide better goods and various services, I am allowed to collect the information about the visitor in the required range.
These pieces of information is made to use for the purposes, such as offer, introduction, etc. of the check of being the person himself/herself, conclusion of the contract, and new goods and service. It merely comes.

The kind of information to collect

In providing the information on the visitor's address, a name, a telephone number, an e-mail address, and others, and various services, it is required information.

The management method of information

the time of managing the visitor's personal information -- exact - the maximum -- while performing suitable management so that it may be made a new thing, it strives for external escape prevention.
Moreover, sufficient measure for preventing is taken against the danger of unjust access to the collected information, and it strives for protection of a visitor's personal information.

Offer of information

A third party is not provided with a visitor's personal information without a visitor's own consent except for the following cases.
・When it is able to ask for a public announcement with a statute
・When public institutions, such as a court and the police, are able to be asked for an indication


About handling of a visitor's personal information, the contents of each above-mentioned item are improved suitably, and it improves.